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How to create craft treasures for kids and adults alike

(MS) - There's no better activity for kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon than creating their own arts and crafts treasure. It's even better when you can preserve these creations and memories for years to come.

According to Eric Chaimberg of Swing Paints, the country's leading manufacturer of wood finishing products, the most protective finish they offer is their two-part epoxy. "This is a great way to create works of art with your kids' projects, your tabletops, bar top or desks. The two-part epoxy has the capability to embed puzzles, photographs, coins, newsprint or anything else you can come up with in its finish" he added. "There is really no limit to what you can create."

For example, one coat of high-gloss Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 finish is about 1/16-inch thick - the equivalent of 55 coats of varnish. It's simply poured over a chosen surface and self-levels to a smooth finish in just a few minutes. It may be applied over almost any surface or item, rough or smooth. Leather, wood, varnish, ceramics, rocks, dried flowers, shells are just some of the items you can cover. It cures to a thick, high gloss coat in about twenty-four hours, and it stays crystal clear. One coat is usually all that is needed to produce the desired finish.

How to use the finish to preserve images/photos on a surface:

After the item has been mounted to the surface, seal the entire image with a solution of four parts white glue and one part water. This will prevent the item from becoming translucent. Wait three to four hours to fully dry. Then just pour out the Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 mixture and let it set - it's just that easy!

Craft ideas:

Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 can make any of your kid's craft projects come to life.

· They can protect their favorite puzzle or popsicle-stick collage with its high-gloss crystal clear finish.

· They can use it to simulate water and create that floral design for Mother's Day that will last a lifetime.

· Use it to embed sports or trading cards, magazine covers, newspaper clippings or photos onto their desk,tabletop or cover of a photo album.

Decorative applications:

Create a customized piece of furniture by embedding your favorite sports photos or memorabilia directly onto your bar top or table-tops. Let your imagination run wild with a mixture of items that will really show off your personality.

Or, for the more adventurous types, try adding universal tinting colours to your Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 mixture. This coloured finish is now ready to create the most lively of projects from your kid's play table to coloured tiles to decorate the walls. And if you mix up multiple colours, Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 is the perfect product to give an old bathroom counter a faux marble finish. Cover the surface with one colour and then drizzle other colours on top using a popsicle stick to create swirls.

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