Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Father's Day Gift to Remember

(MS) - Father's Day is the perfect time to thank Dad for driving to and from t-ball, coaching little league and helping with homework. Much like a Dad's responsibilities are wide and varied, so, too, are his interests and personalities. Whereas a coffee mug or necktie used to be the "one size fits all" gift for Father's Day, for those who want to show how much they truly appreciate Dad's efforts over the last year, it's best to let his personality and interests dictate what's the most appropriate gift.

For the Classic Dad

Psychologists say that smell is more likely to trigger a memory than all of a person's other senses combined. One might catch a whiff of smoke coming from a charcoal or gas grill and suddenly be reminded of summer BBQ's, while another may be reminded of waiting tables at a restaurant. Perfumes and colognes have the same effect. They often remind us of friends and family members.

BRUT Cologne Original Fragrance may have been the first cologne Dad owned, but it remains a best seller that has stood the test of time. With notes of lemon, anise, basil and lavender, a bold heart of jasmine and ylang ylang, and a strong, sensual core of musk, sandalwood, oakmoss and vanilla, BRUT Cologne Original Fragrance will bring Dad back to the good 'ole days this Father's Day.

For the Sporty Dad

Most Dads love sports, which can mean baseball, football, basketball, etc. Since "sports" is such an ambiguous term, a host of gift ideas exist to put a smile on pop's face. If Dad is a diehard baseball fan, consider tickets to a ballgame, as the baseball season coincides with Father's Day.
If Dad is more of an overall sportsman, consider a new fishing pole or taking him out for a backpacking trip. With so many sports to choose from, chances are those looking for a gift for their sporty Dad can find something that will fit the bill.

For Today's Dad

Some Dads are all about style. While scents are personal and oftentimes hard to select for others, BRUT consists of easy-to-wear men's grooming products that are designed to complement a guy's natural scent, taking the guess work out of selecting the perfect cologne. BRUT REVOLUTION Spray Cologne is the fresh new aromatic scent from the creators of BRUT Original. Designed with the masculine, athletic and independent guy in mind, the cologne is exuberantly fresh with top notes of tangy citrus and refreshing cypress. A youthful vibe emits from the fragrance's aqueous mist mixed with black pepper and patchouli, while the masculinity of the fragrance is derived from sensuous musk and earthy moss. BRUT REVOLUTION Spray Cologne is sure to be a home run with the hip, modern dad this Father's Day.

For the On-the-Go Dad

For the Dad who is always traveling for work, look for a gift that can make his travels a little more enjoyable. For example, if Dad is routinely racking up the frequent flyer miles, consider a handheld DVD player to add some entertainment value to those long and often boring flights.
If Dad is not much of a movie buff but loves his music, perhaps an MP3 player would be the ideal gift to make his travels a little less stressful. When it comes to Dads and business travel, they're likely to welcome anything that can help them better cope with the negative side of being away from home.

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