Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Year's Craft for Kids

New Year's Eve offers a chance for children to stay up late and join in the festivities as they wait to usher in the new year. But many of the activities of the night are geared toward adults and not the younger set.

To help kids participate in the action in a family-friendly way, a noisemaker craft project is a fun idea to get in the spirit. Then children can use their noisemakers to wake up the neighborhood when the clock strikes 12.


· two foam or heavy cardboard disposable plates

· paints, crayons or markers

· dried beans or plastic beads

· ribbon, stickers or other embellishments

· stapler or fast-acting glue

How To

1. Have children color in and design their New Year's Eve noisemaker plates.

2. Put one plate on a table and pour some beads or beans onto it.

3. Take the other plate and place it on top so that the beads are nestled in the pocket that forms between the two plates.

4. Seal the plates together with staples or glue.

Encourage kids to shake the noisemakers when the New Year countdown begins.

CAPTION: To accompany store-bought items, children can make their own crafty noisemakers to ring in the new year.


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