Thursday, April 22, 2010

Collectibles All the Craze with Kids

(MS) -- Parents and grandparents are often quick to point out how different things are for today's kids. While nearly every kid has heard the "walk to school uphill both ways in the snow" stories from their elders, today's parents and grandparents may have greater validity than ever before. Today's kids have access to the Internet, cell phones and video games that grow more realistic every year.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years, however, is kids' passion for collecting. From baseball cards to Pokemon to stamps, kids have always loved to collect fun stuff. When looking to put a smile on your child or grandchild's face, consider the following tips for giving collectibles.

* Accessorize. These days, kids' collections can grow pretty rapidly, making it hard for parents and grandparents to keep track of what kids have or don't have. Fortunately, many collections offer a host of accessories that make the perfect complement. For example, Kooky KlickersTM, a line of collectible novelty pens and a favorite of kids across the country, offers a slew of accessories to complement your kids collections. For kids with a vast Kooky Klickers collection, the 24 Pen Carrying Case makes the ideal gift, while those just starting their collection would no doubt love the 6 Pen Carrying Case. Kids can also display their collection with the Kooky Kollector Stand, capable of holding up to 6 Kooky pens perfect for kids proud of their Kooky collection.

* Think versatility. While you might not be able to understand kids' collections, most adults can understand the nature of collecting. A collection is only as valuable as it is versatile. At, parents and grandparents can find the entire collection of Kooky Klickers pens, including Star Wars, Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman, Disney, and more. With so many fun and interesting designs to choose from, parents and grandparents can rest assured they will find something that fits their child's unique personality.

* Opt for exclusivity. Nearly every great collection has that rare or exclusive piece that every collector, be it kids or adults, wants to get. Adults looking to aquire that special piece for their kids' collection can find several special edition pieces from the Kooky Klickers. One such collectible is the limited edition Darth Vader Kooky Klicker Pen. Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and it's own custom designed stand, the Darth Vader Special Edition Kooky Klicker is limited to only 1,000 released, helping to ensure it will become a focal point of your child or grandchild's collection. To learn more about Kooky Klickers or to start adding to your kids' collection today, visit

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