Sunday, May 16, 2010

Celebrate Father's Day With New Dads

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in 52 countries around the world. Elsewhere it is celebrated on other days of the year. The concept of Father's Day was developed by Senora Dodd, who had listened to a Mother's Day sermon. She thought that a similar day for fathers was necessary.

Originally, Father's Day was met with laughter and satire. It was thought to be just another hokey holiday to fill up the calendar. Although the concept was initiated in 1910, it was not until 1972 under President Richard Nixon that Father's Day became an official holiday.

The holiday is celebrated in many ways, most traditionally with gifts for Dad, time spent with the family, and rest and relaxation for fathers everywhere. What gifts are ideal for the first-time dad? Here are some ideas.

* A T-shirt with the baby's picture on it so he can brag about his pride and joy.

* A diaper changing survival kit, complete with rubber gloves and nose clip.

* A new digital camera so that he can snap tons of pictures of his son or daughter.

* A day out with the guys, golfing or doing whatever it is Dad likes to do. Every dad can use a break from a new infant.

* A night out with his spouse. Find a babysitter and enable Dad to have some time with the other special someone in his life. This is a gift both can enjoy. * A framed photo of Dad with his baby that he can keep on his desk at work or beside the bed.

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