Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Patty's Day for the Kids

Everyone is a little Irish come St. Patrick's Day, and children are no exception. While kids can't indulge in some of the spirits-induced revelry that accompanies the festivities this holiday, there are many things little ones can do to have a good time on St. Patrick's Day.

* Dress in green: Encourage kids to dress and accessorize in all shades of green. For even more flair, they can use face paint to draw shamrocks on their cheeks and hands.

* Crafts: From paper four-leaf clovers to homemade leprechaun hats and belt buckles, children can get in the spirit by fashioning crafts that correspond with the theme of the day.

* Treasure hunt: Send little leprechauns in search of gold at the end of the rainbow. Like an Easter egg hunt, hide gold-wrapped chocolate coins around the house and set kids off to find the treasure.

* Blarney Stone toss:Play a game of "hot potato" to Irish music using a garden rock to serve as the "Blarney Stone." When the music stops, the person holding the stone is disqualified.

* Coin toss:Set up a pot or hat and see how many coins each child can toss into the hat. The one who gets the most in the hat wins.

* Freeze dance: Play Irish music and children have to "freeze" when the music is shut off. If someone moves, he or she has to sit out.

* Baking specialties: Invite the kids to help bake some delicious treats, such as cupcakes with green frosting or Irish soda bread.

Children celebrating St. Patrick's Day can do so in a number of fun ways.

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